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Becoming a Life Cycle Tenant.


It all started when…

Vacancies are infrequent and are rarely advertised because there are long wait lists for all 3 properties.

If you are interested in becoming a tenant, please submit a completed application form to our office.  Forms can be accessedhere, or from our office (see below). Once your application is received, your name will be placed on the waitlist for the housing complex in which you are interested.  You must contact the office every six months to keep your name on the wait list.

When a vacancy arises, applicants are selected for interview from our wait lists. Selection criteria include:  length of time on the wait list, need, suitability for the rental unit, family size, adaptability (if required) and favourable reference checks.

Please Note

We do not provide social support services to our tenants.   Before accepting tenants who need support, we ensure that other agencies are committed to providing them with the needed services.  If someone develops a need for services after becoming a tenant, we will, to the best of our ability, help them advocate with the appropriate agencies.

Contact Our Office

4949 Ontario Avenue,
Powell River, B.C.  V8A 5T7

Open Monday – Wednesday, 9 - 4

Phone/Fax:  604-485-6006

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